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We offer a complete line of suspension services, including repairing, rebuilding, and revalving of shock absorbers, front forks, and steering dampers of all major manufacturers of motorcycle and car suspension. The bushings are greased on both sides, and the seals get enough grease to make them slide easily for assembly and when the fork is first used. Doing this will remove all residual fork oil and other foreign debris that has been collected during the disassembly process.

Step 1: This is a rear drive vehicle with two CV joint axles. But it's our feeling that since no one is born knowing how to do any type of automotive fixes, popping out ball joints and pressing in bushings is something anyone can learn. "Pickle Fork" removes tie rod ends in seconds and it has many uses around the shop.

Our car was partially disassembled decades ago, and the entire suspension and steering system was already stripped from the vehicle, with only the K-member remaining in place. CAUTION: Thoroughly clean off all dirt from top of shock absorbers, front and rear, to avoid getting dirt into absorbers when filler plugs are removed.

I remove this mounting plate on the 1984-1987 C4s to make lower control arm removal easier. 1988-1996 cars have the shock mount cast into the lower control arm. 1988 Corvettes have reinforced shock absorber mounting points on the lower control arms, making them a better choice for coilover shock installations.

Sometimes this sounds a lot easier than it actually is. When they have separated, remove the ball joint nut and pull the control arm out of the spindle. You'll notice that the spring is attached to the lower control arm and a top bushing mount on the body. Even though this worked, the metal that had once surrounded the rubber bushing was still lodged in the control arm which prevented the shaft from being removed.

When the upper shock nut was removed, the spring and everything attached snapped down about 2-3 inches. The rear spindle rods get the same rubber removal to ease disassembly. 07: After the Pitman arm has been separated from the control valve, the whole steering linkage will fall to the floor in one unit.

NOTE: Apply a liberal amount of white lead or Lubriplate to both bushings before installing in arms. We found that PST actually offers complete stock-style replacement upper control arms with bushings and ball joints installed, and we decided to go new here.

The axle shaft universal joints are also an integral part of the suspension camber control. 15: The upper ball joint can be removed by using a drill bit, Suspension Disassembly chisel or die grinder to remove the rivets. 30: Install the upper control arm bumpers. Coil springs allow the vehicle to absorb bumps, and keep the passenger comfortable.

The steering knuckle should be supported after removing the bolts to prevent axle joint overextension. 11: Loosen the upper control arm mounting bolts and carefully remove the shims. Remove front wheel with hub and drum assembly. The upper control arm shaft will be pushed out through this bushing first using the small washer to push the rubber out.

When springs do fail, a collision, or severe suspension damage is to blame, or the weight limit of the vehicle has been exceeded. It acts as a go-between for your vehicle's chassis and the road by utilizing a complex system of suspension parts such as dampeners, springs, and steering components to determine how your wheels respond to terrain changes.

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